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          Your present position:About Arrow>>Development Path
          = In 2007, it proposed overall living space solutions and produce Arrow tiles. 

          = In 2008, with the mission "to build top-grade space and enjoy top-grade life", Arrow started to build up its brand and launched vintage tile, polished tile, and ceramic chip. In the same year, Arrow cooperated with China National Interior Decoration Association to jointly hold designer salon and Arrow Cup China Top Ten Model House Designer Contest nationwide. 

          = In 2009, it won the title of "Excellent Emerging Brand" at the 5th CCPL. It launched 361° real stone series which contained the real stone products exquisitely made with extra refinement. The crystal-like, vintage, and precious appearance of the products made them exclusive choices for luxury mansions. 

          = In 2010, it was rewarded the honor of "Top Five Ceramic Tile Enterprises". In the same year, it held "Exchange of Inspiration, Top-grade Space Design Contest" in over ten cities, including Fuzhou, Chongqing, Beijing, Hangzhou, Xiamen, and Ningbo. 

          = In 2011, Arrow became the nominated supplier for China National Men's Basketball Team. In September, it invested the team at Asian Championships to initiate its sports marketing. Arrow vigorously supports Chinese sports cause and injects new vitality and connotation to its brand. At the 8th CCPL, it was honored as "Annual Emerging Event: Sponsorship to China National Men's Basketball Team at Asian Championships". 

          = In 2012, Arrow expertly built the terminal market and launched top-grade lifestyle store to gain more and more popularity. It launched a new real stone series of "Tropical Rainforest" covering rare stone products with raw materials from natural jungles. They were natural without the need of ornament. Arrow introduced the concept of natural stone decoration and created new luxury stone products for the world. It also held designer salon in Jinan, Tengzhou, Hangzhou, Changsha, Chongqing, and Ningbo.

          = In 2013, Arrow launched the series of wood-like ceramic tiles, advocated the living proposition of following your heart. It integrated the concepts of nature, health, green, and comfort in the products and brought about more imagination of happy life to consumers. In the same year, Arrow won the honors like "Top 10 Ceramic Tile Brands", "Top 10 Ceramic Chip Brands", and "Top 10 Marble Tile Brands". 

          = At the beginning of 2014, Arrow sincerely invited Lang Lang, an internationally renowned pianist and global Chinese youth idol, as its brand spokesperson. It put forward the new proposition of "enjoy top-grade space". The shift from "construct top-grade space" to "enjoy top-grade space" stood for the entry into a new marketing era of emotional branding and consumer first. 

          = In July 2014, Arrow amazed the industry, as it became the nominated brand of ceramic tiles and sanitary products for 2015 Milan Expo. Arrow struck a pose on the stage of China Pavilion and shone with dazzling brilliance. 

          = In 2016, it launched the new series of "Interaction & Nature" and presented richer products to the terminal market.
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