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          古木纹 (1)

          古木纹 (2)

          古木纹 (3)

          Ceramic stone
          Its place of origin is China. It is a type of marble. It has solid quality, even patterns, stable luster, and good brightness. It is anti-weathering and corrosion resistance, so it can maintain its long-term ornamental value. It has good polishability. It is as bright as a mirror.
          Product name:ANCIENT WOOD
          Product code:ACS519080P
          Product specifications:800x800mm
          Features:Its bottom color is black. It has mixed black, white, and gray patterns. Its texture is similar to that of ancient wood. Its clear stripes are like waves. The granular crystal structure has good luster. It enjoys natural texture, dense quality, brightness, and hardness.
          Application place:Commonly used for indoor and outdoor walls and floors, sink, bathroom, windowsill, wall, TV wall, screen, kitchen, countertop, curtain wall, door set, parquet, and lines.
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