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          海浪灰 (1)

          海浪灰 (2)

          海浪灰 (3)

          海浪灰 (4)

          海浪灰 (5)

          海浪灰 (6)

          海浪灰 (7)

          海浪灰 (8)


          Ceramic stone
          It comes from Iranian Persian sea with roar and stalwart views. It is overwhelming, unstoppable, and earth-shattering. The product perfectly integrates the atmosphere, style, and magnificence of the sea.
          Product name: SEA WAVE GRAY
          Product code: ACS206080P
          Product specifications:800x800mm
          Features:Persia gray waves stand for deep ocean and twists and turns of years. As time passes by, even ocean can change to fields. After rainy and drought seasons, and storms and winds, it reminds you the vast and amazing ocean. 
          Application place:In terms of space application, it is suitable for modern style and bright colors to make the space distinctive. In terms of engineering decoration, it can create a magnificent atmosphere. And in terms of home decoration, it can create a romantic and unique style.
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