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          Ceramic stone
          This series of ceramic tiles adopt digital inkjet printing technology and weaving cloth patterning process so that clear and vivid cloth patterns are shown on the surface of ceramic tile. The cloth patterns are clear. And the surface lights are soft. Seen from distance, they do not have a big different from real cloth.

          Product name: FABRICS
          Product code: ACQ001060/ACQ002060/ACQ003060/ACQ005060/
          Product specifications: 600x600mm/600x300mm/300x300mm
          Features:The delicate and vivid texture creates a cozy feeling so that the tiles do not look cold. They touch like cotton and linen. The touch is natural and smooth with uneven texture. It is subtle, soft, and comfortable. It can creates a cozy atmosphere at home. And it brings about elegant and unique style. 
          Application place:The whole series of products have rich colors and highlight the new trends of decoration, including youth, personality, and fashion. They are suitable to create modern, simple, refined, and elegant living space. Coupled

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