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          Ceramic stone
          orth American Maple is produced in Canada and the United States. Especially, those from Canada are the most famous. Maple is a good for building decoration. Due to its harmonious and unitified color, it is often used for fine and high-grade wood furniture.

          Product name: NORTH AMERICAN MAPLE
          Product code: 
          ACM831945  /  ACM831093
          ACM831925customized product/ ACM831915 
          ACM833945  / ACM833093
          ACM833925customized product / ACM833915
          ACM839945  /  ACM839093
          ACM839925customized product / ACM8339915
          Product specifications:
          900x450mm / 900x225mm / 900x150mm/900x300mm
          Features:High-quality maple from Canada integrates long daylight at high latitudes of North America and essence of water. Its color is natural. And its quality is simple. It has many small holes and intertwined texture. And often it has the patterns like bird's eye and tiger. Its structure is fine and even. And it has dense quality and good luster.

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