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          皇家晶玉 ACW8012--13 (1)

          皇家晶玉 ACW8012--13 (2)

          皇家晶玉 ACW8012--13 (3)

          皇家晶玉 ACW8012--13 (4)

          皇家晶玉 ACW8012--13 (5)

          Ceramic stone
          It is also known as "topaz". It is crystal clear yet solid. Its touch is as smooth as a jade. And its shiny appearance contains verisimilar marble texture. It boasts exquisite processing, top quality, and smooth texture. It seems that a dragon is hidden inside. It is classic interpretation of royal splendor. 
          Inspiration: In ancient times, "yellow" was the exclusive color of the royal family. It was a symbol of wealth and power. In Europe, yellow jade is considered to bring about beauty and wisdom to its wearer. It is a symbol of blessing.
          Product name: ROYAL CRYSTAL JADE
          Product code: ACW8013
          Product specifications: 800x800mm
          Applicable space:Home space, high-end villa, commercial building, and Chinese and Western restaurants
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